SmartForestTools - SFT

The SmartForestTools, an Android app, provides extensive, detailed and up-to-date forest data for the management of the forest in the field. This gives the user an easy-to-use tool for operational forest management that can be used on any Android smartphone or tablet.

Smart Forest Tools Tablet
Smart Forest Tools Tablet


    In the forest

      All forest data always with you
    1. All data on an Android tablet, compact on an SD card
    2. No internet connection, no phone connection necessary
    3. Highest resolution and seamless transitions up to the single tree
      Query information at the touch of a button
    1. Any information about the forest is easily accessible with a tap of your finger
      Capture new surfaces
    1. Most accurate positioning with GPS
    2. Location of documents, photos, etc.
    3. Automatic transmission of existing information
    4. Easy recording of usage and maintenance measures
Smart Forest Tools Tablet

In the office

    Process and evaluate data.
  1. Synchronization between Android Tablet and Geo-Server
  2. Several users cooperate in a common project
  3. Security through conflict detection in multi-user synchronization
  4. All data is accessible via a web browser, no additional software
  5. All data can be downloaded from the server in standard formats
  6. Real-time access to GIS programs and Excel for evaluation