Umweltdata in a nutshell

Founded in 1988, Umweltdata is a leader in forest remote sensing and inventory sampling. The team of forestry and GIS experts combines many years of experience, special know-how and innovative strength with a focus on sustainable forest management. For more than 35 years, Umweltdata has been a successful service provider in remote sensing-based forest inventories, forest assessment, mapping and management planning, as well as in forest potential analysis. The German sister company Digital Forst has existed since 2018.

As a leader in research and development projects, Umweltdata, in cooperation with universities, research and development institutions and technology providers, drives the digitization of the forest in terms of sustainability, climate protection, resource optimization and carbon management. The use and further development of the latest technology and methods such as aircraft- and UAV-based as well as terrestrial laser scanning, special recording devices and processes as well as management tools guarantee the highest precision in data acquisition and evaluation and lead to certifiable results with proven statistical accuracy. With its products and services, Umweltdata enables sustainable forest management that responds to climate change, forest growth modeling and precise carbon monitoring for sustainable, CO2-optimized revenue generation in the forest.


  1. Forest inventory, management plans, taxation, forest evaluation, forest damage monitoring.
  2. Forest inventory methods.
  3. Forest maps, GIS solutions, orthophotos, satellite images.
  4. Forest growth modeling with dynamic influencing factors.
  5. Precise carbon monitoring


  1. SmartForestInventory (SFI), multi-phase inventory method
  2. SmartForestTools (SFT), forest management app

Research and Development Projects

  1. AI for climate-sensitive forest growth modeling and maximum CO2 sequestration
  2. Cost-optimized inventory methods
  3. Terrestrial laser scanning in the forest inventory


  1. Umweltdata GmbH

  2. Tel.: +43 (0)2233 21166
  3. Knabstra├če 7/4
  4. 3013 Tullnerbach