Umweltdata in a nutshell

Umweltdata was founded in 1988 as remote sensing company focused on forest-inventories and biotope-mapping. The company conducted more than 100 forest inventory projects with over 70 000 sample plots, and more than 200 forest management planning projects with areas bigger than 1000 ha. Based on airborne laserscanning and satellite imagery Umweltdata has developed an outstanding methodology in forest inventory. The method uses a statistical approach, which substantially saves time, effort and costs and supports the same or even higher accuracy compared to traditional methods. Furthermore the company has realized high sophisticated GIS and Remote Sensing solutions since 1990. SmartForestTools is an android-app and browser application, which supports high resolution forestry data and is prepared to handle single-tree data.

Umweltdata is currently involved in several R&D projects with main focus on LIDAR and Drones in Forest Inventory.

DI Günther Bronner is managing director since 2001 and main shareholder since 2015. Before joining Umweltdata he worked for the Austrian Federal Forest Stock Company from 1983 to 2000.


Forest Inventory, Forest Management Planning, Taxation, Tree Cadastre, Mapping
Consulting regarding sustainable development strategies, Analysis of harvesting potential
Monitoring of wildlife influences and damages
Biotope mapping and monitoring
Growth models and monitoring of plantations


Remote sensing data: orthophotos, laserscanning data, radar imagery, satellite imagery, hyperspectral imagery
GIS-Software and GIS-Solutions
SmartForestTools (SFT)
Presentations, Trainings, Workshops on topics related to our projects, services and products

Research & Development

LIDAR and Drones in Forest Inventory


"SmartForestTools" - representing the forest as point cloud
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Umweltdata GmbH Headquarter


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Contact person:
Günther Bronner